January 26, 2013



location: The Wheatsheaf
place: Dukinfield
country: United Kingdom




For two years after their number one hit, Kevin and Mick (as Brian and Michael) performed extensively around the UK and Europe, and then with great success concentrated on writing and producing for other people.

For many years they resisted requests to perform live again, partly because of the difficulty in finding backing musicians for one-off appearances and problems temporary recruiting the right people dedicated enough to form a ‘permanent’ band.

However, at the beginning of 2012 fate took a turn when Kevin and Micks’ respective brothers became available to join Brian and Michael and form their ‘Dream Band.’ That new band is “THE MATCHSTALK MEN”, with Kevin and Mick (the original Brian and Michael), Kevin’s brother Nigel (formerly with The Dooleys), Mick’s brother ‘Timmy’ and keyboard player and arranger Pauline.