label: GUIDE RECORDS 150
release: 19??, USA, 7" 45rpm
A-side: The Danger Game (2:20)
(Ray Doggett)
B-side: She's About A Mover (2:35)
(Doug Sahm)
comment 1: Both sides produced by Ray Doggett & Dean Gardner.
comment 2:

biography of Ray Doggett by Craig Harris:

Ray Doggett (born: Elmer Ray Doggett) was determined to find his niche in country music. Although none of his late-1950s singles were successful, he went on to pen tunes for Bob Denton, Ace Ball, Johnny Guidry, Jan Moore, Darrell Rhodes and Bruce Chanel. As Elmer Ray, he co-wrote "On My Mind Again" and "Rakin' And Scrapin'" with Slim Willet and Dean Beard.

Doggett's greatest success came as producer of country superstar Kenny Rogers's debut recording, "We'll Always Have Each Other", in 1958. Going on to produce recordings for Tommy Clay, the Counts, Huey Meaux and Lelan Rogers, in the 1960s, he ran Houston-based Big H Sound Distributors in the 1980s.
Succumbing to a heart attack, in Nashville, Doggett died on March 16, 2002.