label: MGM 13902
release: 1967, USA, 7" 45rpm
A-side: Save Our Love Baby
B-side: He's About A Mover
comment #1: produced by Huey P. Meaux
comment #2:

Rumoured to be Dorothy Moore of 'Misty Blue' fame. For the B-side cover version she cranks the energy up with some kind of funky comdo organ sound and tears the roof off the tune. A-side is a sweet soul track that stands up by itself. 

comment #3: According to legend, The Sir Douglas Quintet was the brainchild of Houston producer Huey P. Meaux, who at the height of the British Invasion took a stack of Beatles records into a hotel room and studied them while getting drunk on wine. He found that the beats often resembled those of Cajun dance songs and hit upon the idea of a group that could blend the two sounds well enough to fool Beatles fans into giving a local band a chance. Huey cut “She's About A Mover” with Doug Sahm and group in 1965 and turned it into a classic.

In 1967 Dottie Cambridge did a gender change to the song and recorded “He's About A Mover” on MGM with a great Soul beat. Both sides of the record are good.

In researching Dottie Cambridge there seems to be a lot of speculation that she may in fact be Dorothy Moore. Dorothy recorded as a solo artist and as a member of the 60's group The Poppies on Epic Records. I cannot confirm whether this is true or not.

eBay reelgeorgeinc:

Back in the spring of 1965, a Texas group called The Sir Douglas Quintet had a hit with "She's About A Mover." Come forward three years, to March of 1968 and you have the song being revisited, again under the production of Huey Meaux.

This time, it's not Doug Sahm and his group, it's Dottie Cambridge. Now it seems that Dottie is actually Dorothy Moore (hit with 'Misty Blue') in her days AFTER singing lead for the Poppies, and before being part of Chee-Chee & Peppy.

Anyway- you've got to hear this slice. It starts with a completely odd & funky rhythm track that sounds like something from the Blue Man Group. The tempo is upped about double the original, and then the funky group kicks in. Her other MGM single is a Northern Soul classic, but even this wacked-out version of "She's About A Mover" is being discovered, and has turned up on the recent 'Pow City' (Fabulous Shakers Soul Party) comp. This 45 is flipped with "Save Our Love Baby."