release: 2002, USA, CD [68:55]
  1. I'm Ready (5:38)
    (McKinley Morganfield)
  2. The Bottle Labeled Losers (4:43)
    (Eugene Chadbourne)
  3. Today's Gun Permits (7:05)
    (Eugene Chadbourne)
  4. Give Back The Key To My Heart (5:45)
    (Doug Sahm)
  5. Old Habits Die Hard (5:57)
    (Doug Sahm)
  6. The Bully Song (2:52)
    (Eugene Chadbourne)
  7. The Navy Song (4:08)
    (Eugene Chadbourne)
  8. You Can't Hide A Redneck (4:52)
    (Doug Sahm)
  9. Cowboy Peyton Place/Can't Go Back To Austin (8:33)
    (Doug Sahm)
  10. The Sky Got Flatter (11:25)
    (Eugene Chadbourne)
  11. She's About A Mover/Ta Bueno Compadre (It's Okay Friend) (7:21)
    (Doug Sahm)
comment #1: CD is dedicated to Doug Sahm

comment #2:

Eugene Chadbourne has never met Doug Sahm, but he loved his music very much.

Dr. Eugene Chadbourne: electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, vocals
Susan Alcorn: pedal steel guitar, toothache
Walter Daniels: harmonicas
Speedy Sparks: electric bass
Ernie Durawa: drum set & all percussion

comment #3: recorded May 5, 2001, and mastered March 21, 2002 at Parrot Tracks Studio, Manchaca, Texas
comment #4:

In 2000, Eugene Chadbourne self-released the first chapter of Texas Session , in which he paid tribute to Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson, and the recently deceased Doug Sahm. The quality of that album prompted Boxholder owner Lou Kannenstine to jump in and propose a second session with a bit more budget. Chadbourne came in contact with ex-Sahm drummer Ernie Durawa and devised a tribute to the country-rocker. Bassist Speedy Sparks, also from Sahm's band, was drafted, along with pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn and harmonica player Walter Daniels, both from the previous Texas Session . The album, recorded in a day, comprises classic and obscure Sahm numbers along with a few Chadbourne originals, but no free improvisation. This is a clean record, very straightforward by the Doctor's standards, respectful of Sahm's music and legacy. Of course, for country-rock fans it remains quite left-field. The opener, "I'm Ready," is the only track to have been tampered with Chadbourne plays with a gospel recording of the song, fading it in and out while his band performs. It brings a level of noise (and nostalgia) listeners could have done without, but it doesn't mar an otherwise splendid performance, Chadbourne adopting a deep bluesy voice for this one. Of the Sahm songs, "Give Me Back the Key to My Heart" and "She's About a Mover" stand out. The rhythm section locks in tight, harmonica and pedal steel embellish with style, the singer delivers a heartfelt performance. The new readings of the Doctor's "Today's Gun Permits" and "The Sky Got Flatter" (given their first studio recordings) work out surprisingly well. A satisfying CD for both newcomers and old fans.