label: CD-R
title: SINS LIVE AT WFMU 11.18.05
release: February 4, 2006, USA, CD-R [18/60:14]
  1. She's About A Mover
    (Sir Doug)
  2. Turn You On
  3. Now's The Time
  4. Watch You Dance
  5. Can't Get Over You
  6. Tearing Me In 2
  7. Heard It All Before
  8. I Must Be In Love
  9. Move
  10. Making Time
  11. Party's Over Now
  12. Inside Out
  13. Can't Feel A Thing
  14. JT Intro
  15. Not Gonna Be Alright
  16. Get Right Back
  17. Band Intro
  18. Wake Me, Shake Me
    (Blues Project)
the band: John Terlesky: Guitar, Vocals
Dan McKinney: Organ
Seth Baer: Drums
Art DiFuria: Bass
comment #1: recorded November 18, 2005 in Jersey City, NJ at WFMU, 91.1 FM.
comment #2: officially released on CD-R by The Original Sins (via internet)
comment #3:

December 5, 2005 - John Terlesky (JT) on his site:

"The results of an Original Sins stealth semi-reunion back in November can now be heard via the archives of WFMU. The hour-long live set featured numerous Sins non-hits performed by former members JT, Dan McKinney, and Seth Baer, with the great Art DiFuria, courtesy the Photon band, sitting in on bass. We hope to transmogrify said recording into compact disc form soon..."