pics 70085
artist: RAY PRICE
label: COLUMBIA 21214
release: 1954, USA, 10" 78rpm
A-side: Release Me
(E. Miller - D. Williams - Yount)
B-side: I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
(R. Price - Gabbard)
comment #1: both sides: "Vocal with Instrumental Acc."
comment #2: A-side of this record is covered by Augie Meyers.
B-side of this record is covered by Doug Sahm.
comment #3:

both songs recorded at:

December 28, 1953 (20:00 - 23:30)
Castle Studio at the Tulane Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee
Producer: Don Law

Ray Price: vocal, guitar, leader
Thomas Grady Martin: guitar
'Rusty' Gabbard: guitar
Samuel Pruett: guitar
Donald H. 'Don' Helms: steel guitar
Bob L. Moore: bass
Jerry Rivers: fiddle
Farris Coursey: drums

comment #4:

Ray Price has recorded two songs with the title "I'll Be There" .

The first version is the one that is described above (recorded in 1953). This song is titled "I'll Be There" , sometimes titled "I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)", written by Ray Price and 'Rusty' Gabbard. This is the song that Doug Sahm has covered on his "DOUG SAHM & BAND" album in 1973.

The second version is recorded at March 7, 1957 and is also titled "I'll Be There". Sometimes this song is titled "I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)". This song is a different song. This song is written by Dave Burgess. See the picture below.

That means that the songcredits for "I'll Be There"  on the "DOUG SAHM & BAND"  LP's/CD's are a mistake! The songcredits on the album should be  -Ray Price & 'Rusty' Gabbard-  instead of  -Burgess- .