July 9, 1965


Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)
Station: KRLA 1110 AM - Los Angeles ( Pasadena ) California
Date of broadcast: 9 July, 1965
DJ: Dave Hull ( the Hullabaloo)
RIR Release: #583
Length of Broadcast: 46 minutes (remastered at Rock-it Radio onto Compact Disk)

This is an actual radio broadcast uncut and unedited and remastered onto CD from tape, from the studios here at Rock-it Radio. Satisfaction is guaranteed. And if not completely satisfied simply contact for a replacement or full refund. The sales of this broadcast goes as a donation to help keep our online station of Rock-it Radio online and keeping the true oldies music of rock alive.

About the Station and DJ: By 1965 Rock was definetly changing from it's roots where it began. And the new mod rock was coming forward and DJ Dave Hull known to his listening audience as the Hullabaloo - would present it with a flair. In the highly competitive Los Angeles Radio Market. KRLA was competing with KFWB and KHJ for listeners and there line up was strong. Today what was KRLA is now Disney Radio and KFWB is now all talk radio, like many am radio stations today. But back in 1965 AM Radio was KING! and presented the best in Top 40 radio formats.

The Playlist: Here is a brief run down of what you will hear in this broadcast. Of pure 1965 Nostalgia. Uncut and Unedited just like you would of heard it back then!

  1. SONG: True Loves Way – Peter & Gordon
  2. KRLA Station ID – Dave Hull’s Showtime
  3. Advertisement for Suzuki Motorcycles
  4. Preview of News to come at 4:15pm
  5. Bob Eubanks announces his upcoming show
  6. SONG: Baby It’s you – Shirelles
  7. Station ID & Jingle Dave Hull’s Showtime
  8. Advertisement for Doublemint Gum
  9. As he put a piece behind his ear, Dave agrees there is nothing like a stick of Doublemint Gum
  10. Station ID & Jingle
  11. Weather Report
  12. Promo For KRLA as they salute the Queen with a Command Performance coming up in two weeks
  13. SONG: Dizzy Miss Lizzy – Beatles (exclusive)
  14. Dave Hull tells listeners that Dizzy Miss Lizzy was first performed in Germany
  15. Advertisement for Bergy Beer
  16. PSA for Dave’s High School Alma Mater Reunion
  17. Advertisement for Ralph’s Family Food Store
  18. SONG: Tell Me What You See – Beatles 9exclsive)
  19. Station ID – Dave Hull’s Showtime
  20. Advertisement for General Motors’ Guardian Maintenance Service
  21. PSA – May is safety month – check all the fluids in your car
  22. KRLA Radio Los Angeles News
  23. Advertisement for Roto Rooter
  24. Return to the News
  25. KRLA Sports
  26. KRLA Weather
  27. SONG: Help Me Rhonda – Beach Boys
  28. KRLA Station ID – Dave Hull’s Showtime
  29. Dave Hull Talks about having worldwide exclusive rights to certain Beatles’ songs
  30. KRLA Jingle
  31. Advertisement for Ballentine Beer and National Tavern Month
  32. SONG: Wonderful World – Herman’s Hermits
  33. KRLA Dave Hull
  34. Advertisement for Universal C.I.T. Bank
  35. Promo for Bob Eubank’s upcoming show
  36. SONG: She’s About A Mover – Sir Douglas Quintet
  37. KRLA Dave Hull’s Showtime
  38. Advertisement for Turtle Oil
  39. Preview of the News
  40. SONG”: last ||||Kiss – J. Frank Wilson & he Cavaliers
  41. KRLA Dave Hull’s Showtime
  42. Advertisement for Kellogg’s Cornflakes
  43. KRLA Weather
  44. SONG: Tell Me What You See – Beatles (Exclusive
  45. Advertisement for Hires Root Beer
  46. KRLA Contest
  47. Advertisement for Pontiac Motors
  48. SONG: Bad Boy Beatles (exclusive)
  49. KRLA Dave Hull’s Showtime

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