Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)
Station: WCFL- Chicago, Illinois
DJ and Show:  Dick Biondi
Date of Broadcast:  27 March, 1969
RIR #217
Length: 60 minutes (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios here at Rock-it Radio



This is an actual Broadcast from 1969 unedited and you hear everything just like you did back in 1969!  This  show is from WCFL Radio  in Chicago.  With Dick Biondi at the Microphone!  Dick Biondi moved to WCFL from the WLS 50,000 Watt Signal which covered 40 States and Dick Biondi quickly became one of America's top jocks having a huge audience.  Along with the great tunes of that era you will also hear some local and World Newscasts and jingles and vintage ads.  Here is a playlist of what is on this broadcast.


1.  You make me so very Happy -- Blood, Sweat and Tears

2.  WCFL Station Identification

3.  Blue Shield Insurance Advertisement

4.  Brother Loves Salvation Show -- Neil Diamond

5. Advertisement for the Chicago Tribune Newspaper

6.  WCFL Weather Jingle

7.  Fool on the Hill -- Sergio Mendez

8.  Advertisement for U.S. Savings Bonds

9.  Dick Biondi with a greetings to a WCFL Listener

10. Mendocino -- Sir Douglas Quartet

11. Jingle For Fotomat

12. News

-- May pull some U.S. troops out of South Vietnam if North Vietnam does the same.  Peace talks continue in Paris.

-- Former President Eisenhower is getting weaker as he is hospitalized with fluid settling in his lungs.

-- Police Officers called "The Southside Fuzz" will be in a local Rock Show to "get youth in Chicago on their side".  Biondi asks the question ... It's ok to call them Fuzz if they name themselves that right?!?

13. Hear Music -- The Beach Boys

14. Runaway Child -- The Temptations

15. Dick Biondi with Greetings and Thank yous to the truck drivers woh are always so helpful on the express ways -- "The Knights of the Road"

16. Stand -- Sly and the Family Stone

17. Local Weather

18. Movid Advertisement For Hell in the Pacific -- Starring Lee Marvin being released this weekend and rated G.

19. No Fair at all -- unknown band <?> Not mentioned

20. Advertisement for the Museum of Science.

21. Mention of Go Cart Races at Notre Dame.

22. Proud Mary -- Credence Clearwater Revivial

23. WCFL Jingle

24. FTD Florist Ad.

25. News ...

-- Raising Tuition at Illinois State Colleges and Universities to $12 per Semester Hour

-- U.S.S. Pueblo Crewmen are coming home.

26. Advertisement for Easter Seals

27. Traces -- The Classic Four

28. Montgomery Wards Advertisement -- Easter Sale on Lacey Slips for Ladies.

29. Heather Honey -- Tommy Rowe

30. When you dance -- Jay and the Americans

31. Dick Biondi gets a disapproving phone call about Dick getting excited over the Lacey Slips advertisement.  Dick apologises -- he was just having fun.

32. To Sing -- The Zombies.  (Is cut off)  


More on Dick Biondi -- Known as the “Wild I-tralian,” Dick Biondi began his broadcasting career in Corning, New York at station WCBA. Biondi spent two years with WKBW/Buffalo before moving to WLS/Chicago in 1960.

Thanks to WLS’ powerful 50,000-watt signal and his own exuberant personality, Biondi quickly became one of the nation’s top disc jockeys. His show introduced rock and roll to listeners in nearly 40 states and parts of Canada as well. His own fame led to his recording a novelty record, “On Top of a Pizza,” which sold over 11,000 copies.

In 1963, Biondi left Chicago for KRLA/Los Angeles. The following year, he joined the Mutual Broadcasting System for a syndicated program heard on over 125 stations. During this time, he launched the Dick Biondi Road Show, bringing young acts to local schools throughout Southern California.

Biondi returned to Chicago in 1967 for a five-year stint at WCFL/Chicago and headed to South Carolina in 1973 for a decade at WNMB/North Myrtle Beach. Biondi returned to Chicago once more in 1984 to help launch WJMK, the oldies station where he is still heard six days a week.

Dick Biondi was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1998.


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