July 3, 1965

venue: Hollywood Bowl
place: Los Angeles, CA
country: USA


Welcome fans and collectors of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys and 60's groups!

This is an opportunity to acquire this vintage and original 4 page KFWB Summer Spectacular program which I am dating at 1965.  It measures approx. 9 inches by 12 inches.

The scan shows one of the center pages which lists the acts who performed: Sir Douglas Quintet , Ian Whitcomb, Donna Loern, The Byrds, The Righteous Brothers, Sam The Sham and the Pharoahs, Sonny and Cher, Dino, Desi and Billy, The Kinks and The Beach Boys.

The other inside page is an ad for KFWB/98 and shows DJ's Wink Martindale, B. Mitchell Reed, Jack Hayes, Hal Pickens, Reb Foster, Gene Weed and Larry McCormick.

Front cover has photos of The Beach Boys, Righteous Brothers, Kinks, DD&B and Sam The Sham.

Rear cover has photos of Donna Loren, Sonny & Cher, Ian Whitcomb, The Byrds ( with Gene Clark ) and Sir Douglas Quintet. 

This is a very cool 60's pop music collectible. Treat yourself to this great item!!


Here's a part of an interview with Billy Hinsche (from The Beach Boys) published on http://www.californiasaga.com/billy_hinsche.htm :

Billy: Met the Beach Boys (except for Brian, who played the show with the group the next night) on the day of soundcheck at the Hollywood Bowl, on July 2, 1965. Since Dino, Desi & Billy had a current, huge hit single climbing the local and national charts (“I’m a Fool”), we were hired to perform this show, along with many other local (and not so local [Kinks]) acts like Sonny & Cher, the Righteous Brothers, the Byrds, and the Sir Douglas Quintet. Based on our successful reception [by the audience] at this “Summer Spectacular” the Beach Boys immediately included us in three more shows which took us “on the road” for the first time --- Bakersfield, Fresno, and Honolulu, Hawaii (Oahu). We shared the “bill” with opening act, Barbara “Baby, I’m Yours” Lewis. DD&B would always join the BBs onstage for the encore number of “Johnny B. Goode.”


Here's a part of the introduction to an interview that Billy Hinsche had with Carl Wilson (The Beach Boys) published on
http://www.beachboysfanclub.com/billyhinsche/story4.html :

(This interview first appeared in Guitar One magazine, November 2001 issue. )
Carl Wilson was the best friend I ever had.
I remember the first time we met --- it was at the Hollywood Bowl on the afternoon of July 2, 1965, during a soundcheck for the "Summer Spectacular" (scheduled for the following night) headlining Carl's band, the Beach Boys, arguably the biggest group in the world.
My group, Dino, Desi & Billy, was one of the opening acts that included the Byrds, the Kinks, Sonny & Cher, and the Righteous Brothers. DD&B (as we came to be known) was absolutely on fire, especially in our home town of Los Angeles. Our current release, "I'm A Fool," was screaming up the local and national charts and the Beach Boys liked us so much, both professionally and personally, they invited us to go on tour with them to Bakersfield, Fresno and Hawaii! I was fourteen years old and all my dreams were coming true.