November 1966 (one week)
(probably November 4 or 5 till November 10 or 11)


venue: Whisky A Go Go
place: West Hollywood, CA
country: USA


comment #1:
The address:
Whisky A Go Go:
8901 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

comment #2:
Both of these groups had been transplanted to the Bay Area.  The Sir Douglas Quintet had escaped Texas due to a pot bust and were based in San Francisco, while The Sparrow had felt stifled by being a cover band in Toronto, and were now starving in Sausalito.  Sparrow had emerged in Toronto as Jack London and The Sparrows, who recorded an album in 1965 for Canadian Capitol.  Jerry Edmonton, Dennis Edmonton (perhaps better known as Mars Bonfire), Nick St. Nicholas and Goldie McJohn were joined by German-born John Kay (Joachim Krauledat) to recreate themselves as The Sparrow. Subsequently the band evolved in to Steppenwolf.
(from History.htm)

comment #3:
Throughout the Fall of 1966, larger and larger numbers of Southern California teenagers drive into Hollywood to hang out on the Sunset Strip. The Strip is the height of cool, and in any case there isn’t that much else to do. The police start aggressively enforcing curfews and other laws, and the teenagers do not respond well to authority. This culminates on the night of Saturday, November 12, 1966 when there is a sort of riot resulting from the police trying to close a club called Pandora’s Box. This event was the inspiration for the Stephen Stills-penned Buffalo Springfield hit For What Its Worth, released in January 1967. Ironically, the Springfield are in San Francisco playing the Fillmore on the night of November 12, but the song is no less telling for that. The Sunset Strip ‘riots’ were also the inspiration for the 1967 Roger Corman Teensploitation movie Riot On Sunset Strip. Given that the movie has a budget of about 11 dollars, it isn’t as bad as you might expect. While the movie is hardly documentary realism—or even convincing—it does give a long-gone snapshot of some of the fashions of the time, and a great Chocolate Watch Band lip synch. I do not know who was scheduled at the Whisky the night of the Pandora’s Box riot. While excessive teenage congregation seems comical now, Los Angeles had suffered through the very destructive Watts Riots of August 1965, and the police preferred an aggressive stance.
(from History.htm)

comment #4:
Based on the information on History.htm it is acceptable that Doug played at the Whisky A Go Go from November 4 or 5 till November 10 or 11. He played seven nights.

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