January 20, 1979

venue: Soap Creek Saloon
place: Austin, TX
country: USA

the band:
Marcia Ball - vocals, piano
Bobby Earl Smith - bass
John Reed - guitar
David Cook - steel guitar, rhythm guitar
Steve McDaniels - drums

featuring Doug Sahm


  1. Someday Soon
    (Ian Tyson)
  2. Honey Don't
    (Carl Perkins)
  3. Dry Creek Inn
    (Bobby Earl Smith - Ronald David Howard)
  4. Texas Me
    (D. Sahm - F. Morin - J. Perez - A. Meyer)
  5. Easy Rider
    (Taj Majal)
  6. Eugene
    (Marcia Ball)
  7. Honky-Tonk Downstairs
    (Dallas Frazier)
  8. Make Me A Pallet
    (Public Domain)
  9. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
    (Bob Dylan)
  10. I Got My Mojo Working
    (M. Morganfield)

These are the songs which are released on their live album. The rest of the setlist is unknown.