September 15, 1991


location: KDHX radio studio
radio programm: KDHX "High Anxiety"
place: St. Louis, MO
country: USA

"The Dust Bowl Club"

Jay Farrar -- Guitar, Vocals
Mike Heidorn -- Drums
Jeff Tweedy -- Bass, Vocals
(At some point in late 1990, Brian Henneman started working for the band as a guitar tech and occasional extra musician.)


  1. Ballad of Festus
  2. Coffee Monkey
  3. Green Acres
  4. (Is Anybody Going to) San Antone
  5. Loganberry (from Henneman demo)
  6. Wallflower (from Henneman demo)
  7. Turn for the Worse (from Henneman demo)
  8. Indianapolis (from Henneman demo)
  9. Manhattan Countryside
  10. I Ain't Got No Home
  11. Moonshiner
  12. Hotel California
  13. I Saw the Light
  14. Roll Another Number
  15. Waiting on a Friend
  16. Never Won a Grammy
  17. Hillbilly Love
  18. Stoned Faces Don't Lie
  19. I Drink Stage-Partyman
  20. Okie From Muskogee
  21. Wave That Flag (from Henneman demo)