Artists : Ilsa Gold
Title : Regretten? Rien!
Label : Mego
Catalogue No. : MEGO 058
Genres : Dance / Electronica
Format : Double CD
This double CD comes in a Digipack-Double-DVD-Case with an 8 pages booklet.
They were the darlings of the young rave nation, the nightmare of investigative party journalism and, needless to say, the kings of scheiss-house: they were Ilsa Gold, Austria's legendary and probably most irritating contribution to the history of electronic music.
It was 1993 that artist and record dealer Christopher Just joined forces with party organizer Peter "DJ Pure" Votava" the year that techno was set to become the sound of the decade. Starting with their very first record on Vienna's Mainframe label, they turned into shooting stars of the new movement: Frontpage, the official organ of the German techno world, placed "Ilsa Gold I" at the top of its charts, and "Up" was the track that set the pace on rave dancefloors that summer.
That same year, "Ilsa Gold II" followed with the hits "Silke" and "Elastico", which again topped Frontpage's charts and managed to get Ilsa Gold invited to Germany's rave Mecca, "Mayday" the first Austrian act to do so. But their performance was a provocation: since the event's organizer gave them only 15 minutes of playing time, Ilsa Gold put a DAT recorder onstage and spent the time
playing back their hits with the aid of a yogurt machine. The rave community were distraught.
Ilsa Gold began with the statement "Ecstasy helps tolerate Mayday better", and proceeded to entertain the audience for 10 minutes with the issue of drug consumption. By the time DJ WestBam declared the existence of the "Raving Society", Ilsa Gold had already decided to make no more live appearances and instead took up media guerilla tactics: in the tabloid paper "Täglich Alles", to an audience of millions, Peter and Christopher outed themselves as romantic homosexuals ("Das erste Mal"); under pseudonyms they founded the heavy-duty "Sons of Ilsa"; and they staged a mudslinging campaign against their supposed archrivals, which finally culminated in the legendary scandal of the "La Boum deluxe" radio program.
Now in 2003 the influential oeuvre of Ilsa Gold is being celebrated in due and fitting extravagance. On a double CD, "Regretten? Rien!" documents the history of Vienna's most successful export article to the Rave Generation as a balancing act between Actionism and foofaraw, as battlefield between pop and subversion. Besides all of their hits, the CD set includes unreleased tracks, rare remixes, and of course an excerpt of the historic "La Boum deluxe" program. There is nothing to regret.

File Under: Techno / Happy Hardcore / Experimental 

01. Intro: Dreimal Roggenbrot
02. Silke
03. Bosnia 303
04. Silke Süchtig
05. ... Und Was Meint Peter Cornelius Dazu? (Recorded 1994 At Radio FM4)
06. Sonnenpenis (Ilsa Gold Remix)
07. Flieger Remix
08. Trashcan Session (Live From The Funkhaus 1995)
09. Happy (Put Your Hands In My Body)
10. Raver's Nature
11.Eggs They See
01. For Blond Nuns
02. Radioshow Pt. 1 - Rattenburg (Recorded 1995 At Radio FM4)
03. Up
04. Radioshow Pt. 2 - Winterreise (Recorded 1995 At Radio FM4)
05. Elastico
06. Radioshow Pt. 3 - B.u.c.h.s.t.a.b.i.e.r.e. (Recorded 1995 At Radio FM4)
07. New York (Recorded 1993 At Noedlsounds, Vienna)
08. Vienna Hartcore
09, Stoned Faces Don't Lie
10. For Blond Nuns (Chicago Remix)
11. Under Fire (Recorded 1994 At Noedelsounds Viennna)