piv CD479
artist: LIL' BAND O' GOLD
label: SHANACHIE SH 6047
title: LIL' BAND O' GOLD
release: 2000, USA, CD [11/42:54]
  1. Shirley
    (John Fred)
  2. 7 Letters
    (Ben E. King)
  3. Parlez Nous A Boire
    (Dewey Balfa)
  4. Please Mr. Sandman
    (Huey P. Meaux)
  5. 7 Nights 2 Rock
    (Henry Glover - Louis Todd Innes - Ronald B. Killette)
  6. Dreamgirl
    (Jan L. - Jerry D. Crutchfield)
  7. First You Cry
    (David Egan - Buddy Flett)
  8. Allons Rock N Roll
    (Lawrence Walker)
  9. In Another Time
    (C.C. Adcock - Willy DeVille)
  10. That Feel
    (Tom Waits - Keith Richards)
  11. Cajun Twist
    ( )
comment #1: Please Mr. Sandman dedicated to Doug Sahm
comment #2: Produced by C.C. Adcock with Lil' Band O' Gold
Recorded and mixed at American Sector's Egyptian Room, New Orleans, LA
November '99 - January '00

Steve Riley, Warren Storm, C.C. Adcock, Richard Comeaux, R. David Egan, Dave Ranson

The St. Martin Horns: Dickie Landry, David Greely, Pat Breaux