A film by RON MANN
"Essential viewing for anyone interested in the development of the comic book and strip cartoon"


Lynda Barry - Charles Burns - Sue Cole - Robert Crumb - Will Eisner - Al Fieldstein - Shary Flenniken - William M. Gaines - Bill Griffith - Jaime Hernandez - Jack Kirby - Harvey Kurtzman - Stan Lee - Paul Mavrides - Frank Miller - Victor Moscoso - Francoise Mouly - Dan O'Neill - Harvey Pekar - Gilbert Shelton - Spain - Art Spiegelman

from the linernotes on the backcover:
"This classic Ron Mann documentary profiles 22 of the most significant artists working in comic books in North America today. With interviews, historical footage and state-of-the-art animation, it traces the creative development of the incredibly popular comic medium. From Jack Kirby's Captain America via the irreverence of Mad Magazine, to the underground movement of the 60's, with it's "anything goes" cartoonists, Comic Book Confidential also updates the story to the 80's, when comics exploded into so many genres and styles that even our superheroes can't keep up with them anymore."

about Gilbert Shelton:
Gilbert Shelton has drawn the cover of the DOUG SAHM AND BAND album!

DOUG SAHM & BAND - Dealer's Blues
(From the DOUG SAHM AND BAND album. Used during Gilbert Shelton's part in the documentary)

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