Actual Broadcast Recording (Unscoped Aircheck)
Station: KHJ "Boss" Radio -- 930 AM
Location:  Los Angeles, California
DJ:  Charlie Tuna
Date of Broadcasts:  23 February, 1969

RIR #386
Length: 79 minutes (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios here at Rock-it Radio)


   This show features why most folks think that KHJ Los Angeles circa 1969 was probably the finest top 40 Rock and Roll radio station ever.  Charlie Tuna is still out there today playing the greatest music known to mankind!  This aircheck (vintage broadcast) -- was recorded during a weekend in 1969 where KHJ 930 AM Radio was featuring a special 'History of Rock and Roll Weekend'  48 hour Marathon and this recording features this Marathon with Charlie Tuna at the microphone with some truly great tunes, vintage advertisements, a little history lesson in that day's news broadcast and great feeling of nostalgia.

   Today you can still catch Charlie Tuna on K Earth 101 FM on the weekends. Charlie Tuna has been elected one of the Top 10 Los Angeles DJ's of all time by L.A. Radio and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Once you relive his early year recordings on this CD you will see why. 

   The pacing and energy of the format, together with the incredible jingles, made this station something special. The music was pretty terrific, too. If you lived in Southern California during 1969, this'll bring back some wonderful memories. If you were elsewhere, you owe it to yourself to see what you missed! 


  1. End of unknown song -- possible ARLO GUTHRIE ... mentions got to get in the wind my friend.
  2. Advertisement for 'Scudder Rings' from Laura Scudders
  3. Advertisement for General Motors Cars
  4. Song:  Day After Day (It's Slippin' Away) -- SHANGO
  5. Advertisement for Lash Bright Mascara for only $1 at your local Thrifty Drug Store
  6. Advertisement for B&B Elastic Socks
  7. Weather report -- It's raining -- DJ Jokes it's not a good day to leave your cake outside!
    Note:  For those that were in Southern California in 1969 will remember the floods that hit this area. This recording is from the night before the broadcast of the start of the flood. And the weather reports do mention that it will be getting up to 10 inches of rain in the mountains. I was 9 years old during the floods and lived on a Orange Ranch in Ojai California and remember it very well as we were isolated for several days.
  8. Charlie Tuna compliments all the Boss Radio Jocks for the 48 hour marathon of the History of Rock and Roll Weekend on KHJ Radio.
  9. Song:  Lifting Me Higher -- JACKIE WILSON
  10. Charlie Tuna asks listeners -- How many of you have been listening since we started this special on the history of Rock and Roll weekend?  Just raise your eyelids so we can get a count.
  11. Song:  I can hear music -- THE BEACH BOYS
  12. Cool Boss Radio Jingle
  13. Song:  Good Night My Love -- JESSE BELVIN
  14. Song:  Ruby Baby -- DION
  15. Song:  Sweet Dream Ladies -- THE BOX TOPS
  16. Advertisement for Eveready Batteries
  17. Advertisement for Cazzari's Night Club on the Strip -- Dance Contest every Monday.
  18. Contest to win KHJ History of Rock and Roll in it's entirety along with a tape recorder to play it on. 
  19. Song:  Aquarius -- 5TH DIMENSION
  20. Great Advertisement for Pioneer Chicken.  Bring in your used dry drumstick or bring in a drawing of a drumstick. And receive a free drumstick -- Limit one per customer. 
    (How about that for a sales gimmick!)
  21. More news on the Rain Storm -- Advises all those with 4 wheel drive trucks that wish to volunteer to report to your sheriff command post.
  22. Advertisement for Pontiac -- Your Local Widetrack dealer!
  23. Song:  Walk Like A Man -- FOUR SEASONS
  24. Song:  Traces Of Love -- CLASSIC IV
  25. Song:  Mendocino -- SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET
  26. Advertisement for Muntz Stereo's for home, car and boat.
  27. Public Service Announcement:  Burbank High School Alumni is planning there Class of 1959 10 year reunion and gave a number to call.
  28. Song:  By The Time I Get To Phoenix -- GLEN CAMPBELL
  29. Song:  Move In A Little Closer -- MAMA CASS
  30. Boss Radio News --
    -- More news on Rain storms
    -- News on the Clay Shaw Conspiracy trial now in New Orleans -- attempting to link Shaw with Harvey Oswald as a conspiracy in the assasination of President Kennedy in Dallas.
    -- Sirhan Sirhan trial continues on the death of Robert Kennedy with testimony from Sirhan Sirhan's mother.
    -- Advertisement for Wrigley Spearmint Gum
    -- Report of Dwight Eisenhower hospitalized with Intestinal problems.
    -- President Nixon contiunes European Tour in Belgium
    -- Report of more then 1000 Communists dead in South Vietnam and 100 American soldiers as fighting escalates in the South with rumors of a communist offensive with Rocket and Mortar attacks.
  31. Song:  Return To Sender -- ELVIS PRESLEY
  32. Advertisement for the Los Angeles Times Fashion Section
  33. Advertisement for the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro -- Actually cheaper then the 1968 model with the same great features including powerglide!
  34. Great KHJ Charlie Tuna Jingle
  35. Song:  Blessed Is The Rain -- BROOKLYN BRIDGE
  36. Song:  Times Of The Season -- THE ZOMBIES
  37. Song:  Cherish -- THE ASSOCIATION
  38. Song:  Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance) -- THE CONTOURS
  39. Song:  Don't Give Into Him -- THE UNION GAP
  40. Song:  Ramblin' Man -- (unknown artist) sorry don't recognise this one.
  41. Song:  California Girls -- THE BEACH BOYS
  42. Song:  Heaven -- THE RASCALS
  43. Advertisement for Nutri Max.
  44. Advertisement for Bakersfield Dragracing featuring the 11th annual Fuel Championship.
    (end of broadcast).