for broadcast December 1-5, 1969
(Radio Show 117)

pics 10639
hosted by
Richard Robinson
for broadcast: December 1,2,3,4,5, 1969
label: RS 117
release: 1969, USA, LP (for radio stations only)
A-side: BAND 1 - PROGRAM 81 - News Flashes
BAND 2 - PROGRAM 81A - Interview [with FRANK COOK]
BAND 3 - PROGRAM 82 - News Flashes
BAND 4 - PROGRAM 82A - Interview [with STEVE BARRON]
BAND 5 - PROGRAM 83 - News Flashes
BAND 6 - PROGRAM 83A - Interview [with BOFFALONGO]
B-side: BAND 1 - PROGRAM 84 - News Flashes
BAND 2 - PROGRAM 84A - Interview [with RAY DAVIS]
BAND 3 - PROGRAM 85 - News Flashes
BAND 4 - PROGRAM 85A - Interview [with DOUG SAHM]
comment #1: All bands 3:00.

All bands on this album are locked and have a cue at end of each for DJ to play one of the top sounds in town, or one from group or artist being interviewed.

comment #2: Album was released in an open papersleeve.
comment #3: "ROCK STARS" was a radio program that was featuring original interviews and new's stories of Rock Star's from the 1969 through 1971 era. Each album came with original script to be used by DJ's. These albums consist of interviews and news only, no music. These "stars" were interviewed by Richard Robinson and the albums were produced by "Robert G. Jennings CORP.". Inserted between interviews is news of the tours and other information of the Rock Stars of this important era.
comment #4: Doug talks about his work as producer for Louie & The Lovers.

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