(Chris Wallisch)


original first pressing/release:

track 9: Rosalita (4:22)
(written by Chris Wallisch)
(arranged by Augie Meyers)
July 9, 1996, USA, CD (more info)

  Doug Sahm - vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, 12-string guitar and maracas
Freddy Fender - vocals
Flaco Jimenez - accordion, vocals
Augie Meyers - piano, Vox organ, accordion and vocals
Max Baca - bajo sexto
Jim Dickinson - piano
Louie Ortega - classical guitar, background vocals
Jack Barber - bass guitar
Clay Meyers - drums

comment about Chris & Judy Wallisch:

Chris and Judy Wallisch, award winning children's musicians, say that they are now willing, after sixteen years, to tell the story of the deadly tragedy which claimed the lives of their two children, Sara, age four and Travis, two. Their intention is to offer hope to others who have suffered devastating loss, and to assure them that it is possible to survive -- and even thrive -- after such suffering. The accident occurred in San Antonio, TX on April 19, 1979. Chris and Judy were returning from a friend's home late one night, and were struck head-on by a car going the wrong way on a highway exit ramp. Their daughter Sara died four hours later, and Travis survived for only three days. Chris was also told Judy, who was in a coma, would probably not survive -- or if she did, she would require lifelong hospitalization. Two days later, when she awoke from her coma, she did not recognize Chris. She regained her memory two weeks later and, despite doctor's earlier predictions, was able go home one month later. Although doctors told Chris that Judy would need at least a year of rehabilitation, Judy went home after one week of rehab. The couple was told they could have no more children but Judy gave birth to their son, Nick, in December, 1980. Nick, now a teenager, performed on Chris and Judy's latest release, KIDFOLK. "Life was so precious to us after the accident," says Judy. "We knew we wanted to spend it making music -- and celebrating children as PEOPLE to be respected, not objects." Moira McCormick of Billboard magazine states that Chris and Judy's lyrics "deal directly with the life of the Nintendo set," and, indead, Nintendo was the subject of a bluegrass song from their debut album KID'S COUNTRY. Their second album, THIS IS MY HOME won the coveted Parent's Choice Award. Aimed at children ages 5 to 12, much of their music can be enjoyed by the entire family. (from

Chris & Judy Wallisch are from New Braunfels, TX.



also covered by:
track 12: Rosalita (4:12)
(Chris Wallisch)
2003, Netherlands, CD (more info)