San Antone

label: REMUS RU-6001
release: 1966, USA, 7" 45rpm

San Antone (Part 1)

B-side: San Antone (Part 2)
comment #1:

One of the rarest releases featuring Augie Meyers, only 300 copies of this 45 were pressed for jukebox play only in 1966 by Jesse Schneider, owner of the Renner and Renco labels. The two sides are both in the "adult comedy" pop genre that was very popular in redneck bars throughout south Texas and the southern United States at the time. Perhaps a bit embarrasing lyrically by present standards, this 45 remains one of the most elusive releases for collectors of Augie Meyers' recordings. 

This record was a one-off release recorded in San Antonio after Doug Sahm and Johnny Perez had already left Texas for California and Augie was in the process of  putting together his first post-Sir Douglas Quintet group, The Visions of Light. Push Button & The Dial Tones were Augie Meyers, Denny Ezba and members of Denny Ezba's Fabulous Goldens. This is the only release on the Remus label and was never available to the general public.