September 3, 1966


venue: Avalon Ballroom
place: San Francisco, CA
country: USA


info about the posters and handbills:
The poster/handbill is known as FD-24 (Family Dog 24 "Tree House").
poster artists: Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley
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print variations in poster:
The pre-concert 1st printing measures 14 1/8" x 19 15/16" on vellum with "The Bindweed Press San Francisco" in the green border under "Avalon." The Family Dog logo is white.
The 2nd printing is 14 1/4" x 20" on vellum thicker than that of the 1st printing. The Family Dog logo is black, and "No. 24-2" appears in the lower right corner. "(c) Family Dog productions 639 Gough Street San Francisco, Calif. 94102" is in the lower left corner. The 2nd printing was produced after the concert.
The poster (& handbill) is entitled "Tree House" or "Barnyard" by Mouse & Kelley  (R.I.P.). The image in the center is right out of an Underground Comic! A Bird's Talom sprouting up out of the barnyard holding a small retangular house that resembles a coffin!

FD-24 first pressing  FD-24 second pressing
FD-24 poster first pressing                            FD-24 poster second pressing

print variations in handbill:
All four variations of the handbill were printed before the concert. (The numbers are referenced in Eric King's collectors guide.)

FD-24 handbill A
front of handbill FD-24-OHB-A

FD-24 handbill B front 
front of handbill FD-24-OHB-B

FD-24 handbill B back
back of handbill FD-24-OHB-A/B

FD-24 handbill C
FD-24 handbill C